Friday, May 27, 2011

I've started my new comic - RoboRabin
I'll be updating (hopefully) one page a week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eatliz - Hey: 3d model + rant

This post is going to be a little bit of a rant.

But first, here's some shots of the girl that I modeled for Eatliz's Hey music video.
I took the opportunity to also do a little color-correction (and have posted the original colors beneath each one, as well):

I made this model about a year ago but am only posting this now because I've had a bit of a hard time procuring rendered frames of the girl from the music video.

I approached Meny Hilsenrad of Studio-Aiko after the video was released, asking if he could send me the rendered frames with the girl in it, sans St. Aiko's logo.
I was met with a flat-out refusal.
So I had to sample the quicktime video on the site and export the frames myself.

The reason sited (as far as I could gather) for refusing to supply me with usable frames for my site was that I did not give enough respect for the work done (fabulous texturing work by Meny, just in case anyone wondered what I think).
Which is sort of funny coming from the same people who have no problems producing frames like these:

Notice how it says "Created by Studio Aiko" right under (and on top of) my art - and not, say, on the other side of the page with the "unimportant" logos...or God forbid, any hint that this was, in fact, a joint effort.

Just to make things clear, I did not work for or with studio Aiko, or anyone from it, on this project.
I worked directly with Guy Ben-Shetrit and Anova music.

So this rant isn't directed only at Studio Aiko, but also at Guy - who should shoulder most of the responsibility for this.
He was the point man on this project and the main creative force behind it (director, lead animator, executive producer and band leader).
And, in my opinion, should have taken better care of "his people" when the video was finally released.

He let St.Aiko run away with this project as if it was "created" by them - pushing the rest of the creative team to some back link on Eatliz's site (go to, click "The Makers" and then 3-4 more clicks to see the rest of the people who sweated over this little project for free....niiiice).

But let's chalk that up to carelessness on the part of the site's designers.
I accept that this oversight was unintentional and not malicious.
But, at the very least, I shouldn't have to beg (and be refused) to get proper shots for work that I have joint copyright over.
I don't begrudge St.Aiko's wish to have their logo on their work - when it's presented on their site.
But I do wish to have my own work without others' logo on it - for my own site and portfolio.
I was told that if I wanted rendered frames without the logo - I could render them myself.
Needless to say, such would have been an impossible task - as my own model is not rigged, has no facial morphs, textures or shaders (those too, were done by others who worked on this project. No single thing on this project was made by only one person or company).

In a project where people worked for next-to-nothing (and some worked for absolutely nothing) - acknowledgment comes in lieu of payment.
Proper, prominent credit is a must.

Pissy, you say?
ummm....Hell Yeah!
Damn straight I'm pissy!!
So, Meny - here's your full credit.
Just like you asked for and rightfully deserve.
Credit and respect go both ways...

A few clarifications and disclaimers are in order:

1. Guy Ben-Shetrit is the creator and main driving force behind this music video.
It's his baby - first and foremost.
I only worked on it at his behest.
I claim no rights over it beyond those pieces that I personally worked on.

2. I did not approach Guy on the matter of procuring rendered images for my portfolio.
I approached Meny Hilsenrad directly - and was refused.
Guy did not mediate this process, nor know of it at the time.
I do not hold him responsible for Studio Aiko's position on this matter.
If my rant implies otherwise - I'd like to correct that impression and apologize.

He has correctly stated to me that he has no intentions of forcefully wresting frames from anyone's hard-drive to give them to me.
Nor do I think he should do any such thing.

I still firmly believe that Guy bears an overall responsibility for this project and how it was presented to the public.
And it is my opinion that he could have done a better job of it.
But he too, had to work with others to see this project fulfilled - each with his own set of caveats and conditions that had to be mediated.
Not an easy task by any means.
In a collaborative project not everyone will be pleased.
I am one of those that are not pleased - hence this post where I have aired my grievances.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eatliz - Hey (pt. 3)

Some designs for Eatliz - Hey.

I basically had to flesh out the two main characters originally designed by Eitan Vineshtock.
And some variations on the dress for when the girl goes into the magic box.

Eatliz - Hey (pt. 2)

More concept designs for Hey - Eatliz's upcoming (and hopefully awesome) music video.
These are for the amusement park setting (duh).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eatliz - Hey

Some designs I did a few months back for Eatliz's upcoming music video Hey.
I'll post some more concept art in the following days.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shabak - Boom Carnival

Commisioned work.
CD jacket and inlay for Shabak's latest album - Boom Carnival